Gordon Industries Specialties and Gifts Emporium Fundraising Program.



In order for your organization to reap the maximum benefits from its fundraising efforts, it needs a program that give it the greatest benefits possible. Our program does just that.

The Program

Our program is a different kind of fundraising in that, we offer delightful and appealing gifts at an excellent price. These are the types of items that are found in the finish gift shops. The only thing different is that it will cost less. Your fundraisers and supporters will know and appreciate the quality of the items and that a sizeable part of the profits will be coming to their organization which makes it even more appealing. There are 29 items that are part of our fundraising program. These items were chosen because over time they have been the items most individuals purchased. They appeal to every age group and price range. This program can be administered on a short, long or as an on going fundraising project. It's entirely up to your organization. To see all 29 items Select Here

Your Share

As we have mention above, we want you to have an equal piece of the pie. You will receive 50% of the total profits that your fundraisers generate.

Sales Taxes

Please be sure to include the sales tax for your local area. Your organization will be responsible for collecting and paying all sales taxes to the appropriate departments.

Support and Services

In order to help you to keep as much of the earn 50%, we will help you in the following way. We will supply all the brochures and sales items for your fund-raisers at no charge to you. You just tell us how many you need and we will ship them to you. To answer all questions you may have, please e-mail them to giftshop@gordonindustries.com

Shipping and Handling

There is a 12% shipping and handling charge for U.S.Mainland ( 48 continious states) orders.

For Alaska, Puerto Rico, Vigin Island, Guam Canada and Hawaii fundraisers there is a 20% charge.

For International fundraisers there is a 25% charge.

All shipping will be via the United Parcel Service (UPS).

All shipments will be sent to the person in charge of the fundraising project. No drop shipping is allowed.

Please note: All fundraising product shipments are shipped from our mainland warehouses.

Good Faith Deposit

There is a small one time good faith deposit of $50.00 for your fundraising project. This deposit will be return to your organization after we receive your first fundraising order.

Placing an Order

When you are ready to place an order. Do not place it through our web page. Please use the forms that will be sent to you. We are currently working on putting these forms on line for your convenience. We have prepared a work sheet guide to help you to figure your order.Please review and save for future reference.

Order Work Sheet Guide

Master Order Form

Well That's It!


Thank you for taking the time to consider our fundraising program.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our fundrising program, please e-mail us at fundraise@gordonindustries.com

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