Specialties and Gifts Fund Raising Referrer Program

Specialties and Gifts Emporium has been selling gifts from around the world for the last 5 years and our fund raising referrer program has been a hugh success. Joining our program is easy and profitable.

How our program works

When you join our program, you will be issued a referrer number. This number is very important and must be used on all organizations that are referred by you. Without this number no commissions will be paid. The organization, if they elect join our fund raising program will receive a 50% discount for all they have fund raised. You will receive a 10% commission of the gross amount that they raised. This commission is paid upon receiving and confirming their order. There is no waiting period.


lets say that an organization that you referred raises $1000.00 The organization will receive $500.00 (50% discount). You as the referrer will receive 10% of the gross amount they raised (10% of $1000)=$100.00


There is only one requirement that has to be fulfilled and that is if you haven't already done so, you must join PayPal in order to receive you commissions. In this way your commissions are instantly given and can be put to use. If you haven't join PayPal you can use the logo at the bottom of the page to join.

Legal Stuff (our lawyers made use do it)

In the event that a fund raising order is cancelled for any reason and the commission to the referrer has been paid. The referrer has 5 business days to return the commission to the Specialties and Gifts Emporium. Failure to comply will cancel your referrer status and recovery proceeding will commence. By joining the Fund Raising Team you agree to the terms and conditions and all the rules and regulations of the program.

An Invitation

If this program meets your requirments for extra income, you are welcome to join us. Fill out our application and you are on your way. You will be sent your referrer number via your e-mail address.Application Form

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To join PayPal

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

If you have any questions about our program you can e-mail us at referrer@gordonindustries.com or call us at 1.808.964.5290

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